lundi 31 mars 2008

Letter asking for the full support for Beijing Olympic Games from the President of the French Republic

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Monsieur le Président de la République
Palais de l'Elysée

55 rue du faubourg Saint-Honoré
75008 Paris

In Paris on March 31th 2008

Mr. the President of the Republic of France,

AS Chinese students who come all the way from China to France, We are attracted not only by the quality of higher education here, but also by the colorful multilateral atmosphere in France and the value French people hold for democracy. We are glad that France doesn't let us down and enables us of the spirit of criticism, which we would like to use in analyzing what happened in Tibet
and its influence on us. Having no relation with Chinese official standing, this letter only stands for the thoughts of Chinese students who sign their names below and in the website.

These days, we all feel concerned about the misunderstanding held by French society of what happened in Tibet. Quit a few French media, political party and organization, quoting some remarks that are obviously lacking of evidence, critisize China and call on to boycott Beijing Olympic Games.

The healthy development of Sino-French relations, especially the exchange and cooperation in the fields of culture and language, gives us confidence and hope on the future of our relation. Therefore, we are very much shocked by your remarks on the 27th of March. We know that France will be the presiding country of EU in August, which of course will bring greater responsibility to France in EU. Fully understanding this, we take your remarks as kind of strategy for more time to make the right decision. As you know, Chinese people always think of France as a very friendly country. We hope that this impression can last forever.

Although being geographically far away from each other, China and France share many similarities which makes us feel like neighbors. Just like France, China is a country with many ethnic groups. Tibetan people are a member of the big Chinese family, together with other ethnic groups as Han group, Man group, etc.

It is known that China has made great progress since its reform and opening-up in late 1970's. But it is a fact that China is still a developing country. The living standard, especially which of inland areas of China, is still quite low. The political reform of China is just in its very first stage, and the freedom of press is not as developed as that in western countries. It is also well-known that China is now facing many great challenges like environmental protection, public health, social welfare, the gap between rich and poor, etc.

We all know that young generation who are now learning in western developed countries including in France, will definitely play an important role in China's future development. Your decision will not only have great impact on Sino-French relation and Sino-European relations, but will have far-reaching influence on Chinese students.

As Chinese students in France and other European countries who have signed this letter, we sincerely ask for your full support for Beijing Olympic Games. We are sure that you will see China still more engaged on its way to more democracy, openess and prosperity.

Chinese people extend warm welcome to France and the world. And of course, you are always welcome to China.

Sincerely yours,

The Chinese Students and supporters
who signe this letter

The first writer and signers of this letter :
蔡印同 CAI Yintong, Master Communication, Paris 8 ;
张峣 ZHANG Yao, Master Politique comparée, Sciences Po ;
张明兴ZHANG Mingxing, Master Communication, Paris 8 ;
刘忠军LIU Zhongjun, Master Communication, Sciences Po ;

495 people signed this letter from the 31st March to the 4th March at 9.10 am.

Annex 1 : List of the signers of this letter

Annex 2 : A fact sheet about the Tibet and China (in French)

Annex 3 : Two students who signed this letter in a debate on the French Parliamentary Channel LCP (click here to see the video)

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(The article is published on April 4th. The date was changed just in order to keep the French version on the top of the list. Thanks for your understanding.)

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Anonyme a dit…

en bref ,tous les pays occidentaux ont peur du developpement de la Chine ,tout tout tout sont pretextes !!je ne crois pas que les tibetans sachent comment se procuper le VISA, je ne crois pas que les tibetans puissent etre tout a coup partout du monde .c`est evident qu`il y a quelqu`un ou quelque l`organisation qui controle dernier le dos...n`oubliez pas certains ans avant ,Dalai laba a rendu visite aux etat unis,n`oubliez pas il y a une organisation nomme Zangqinghui ,n`oubliez pas c`est qui la soutient?? évidement,on a rien vous aviez un peu de conscience logique,vous sauriez tout !!!nous éudiants chinois en France doivent apprendre plus diligement,un jour ,quand on a de la même puissance de USA, rien à dire, on a tout ,la democratie ,l`égalite,la culture ,en bas !!!!!

Zou danqing
l`universte lyon 2

Anonyme a dit…

Building a Peaceful and Better world is one the Olympic Spirits, which requires mutual understanding among all of us.

The purpose of passing the Olympic torch by way of relay was to spread the Olympic spirit and make the seeds of peace and friendship root, grow, bloom and bear fruits in more countries.

We were very disappointed with what had happened when the Olympic torch was passing Paris, perceived one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Please remember all those qualities that the ancient Greeks were trying to encourage and show all your supports to the Beijing Olympic game.

Xuejing Zhou
INSEAD July2005